Design principles for authoring dynamic, reusable learning objects

  • Tom Boyle London Metropolitan University


The aim of this paper is to delineate a coherent framework for the authoring of re-purposable learning objects. The approach is orthogonal to the considerable work into learning object metadata and packaging conducted by bodies such as IMS, ADL and the IEEE. The 'learning objects' and standardisation work has been driven largely by adding packaging and metadata to pre-constructed learning artefacts. This work is very valuable. The argument of this paper, however, is that these developments must be supplemented by significant changes in the creation of learning objects. The principal aim of this paper is to delineate authoring principles for reuse and repurposing. The principles are based on a synthesis of ideas from pedagogy and software engineering. These principles are outlined and illustrated from a case study in the area of learning to program in Java.


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