Online learning: Implications for effective learning for higher education in South Africa

Maylene Y Damoense


Over the last decade there has been an augmenting shift away from the conventional teaching and learning to modes where the Internet now plays a key role. E-learning is increasingly forming an integral part of course delivery and instruction, and is reshaping traditional learning world wide.

This paper outlines the shift from traditional learning to online learning practices. Then it discusses the use of technology, particularly the Internet, to support and enhance effective learning based on the principles of engagement theory. It considers relevant studies within the context of technology based learning, and highlights important experiences and findings. The paper indicates that technology based pedagogy and an effective online learning environment are crucial to support and enrich effective learning outcomes. The paper considers implications for South African higher education in the 21st century. Integrating the Internet as part of a curriculum is proposed, to instil our learners with lifelong skills.

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