Cooperative learning on the web: A group based, student centred learning experience in the Malaysian classroom

  • Mai Neo Multimedia University


This paper presents a multimedia mediated, student centred learning environment which seeks to study the group based, cooperative learning paradigm, using a web based multimedia project. This project is carried out in a Malaysian classroom by groups of students in the second year course in the Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM), Multimedia University (MMU). In the cooperative learning environment, students are grouped in small learning teams to solve a problem or to perform a task that is presented to them by the teacher. This learning environment, however, uses a web based multimedia project as the core of study, and is a variation of the student team learning techniques proposed by Slavin (1994) using project based learning. Students in the group cooperate and work among themselves, help each other to build the web based project, and then receive a group performance score. The overall objective of this 9-week study is to provide students with a group based, student centred, cooperative learning experience, and to investigate its impact on student learning. A survey was given to the students to ascertain their reactions and perceptions to this learning environment. Some students' works were also showcased. Results obtained were positive and encouraging.


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