Development, validation and use of the Online Learning Environment Survey

Sue Trinidad, Jill Aldridge, Barry Fraser


This article reports the development, validation and use of a survey for assessing students' perceptions of their e-learning environments. The Online Learning Environment Survey (OLES) was administered to 325 students, 131 in Australia and 194 in Hong Kong. The data were analysed to examine 1) the reliability and validity of the survey, 2) differences between the perceptions of a) students' actual and preferred environment, b) students and their teacher and c) male and female students and 3) whether associations exist between students' perceptions of their e-learning environment and their enjoyment of e-learning. In addition to quantitative data, unstructured interviews were used to provide a more in depth understanding of the e-learning environments created. These data provide valuable feedback to educators working in e-learning environments to help teachers to evaluate the effectiveness of the environment and to make adjustments and improvements as required.

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