Object oriented learning objects

Ed Morris


We apply the object oriented software engineering (OOSE) design methodology for software objects (SOs) to learning objects (LOs). OOSE extends and refines design principles for authoring dynamic reusable LOs. Our learning object class (LOC) is a template from which individualised LOs can be dynamically created for, or by, students. The properties of LOCs refine existing LO definitions and design guidelines.

We adapt SO levels of cohesion to LOCs, and illustrate reusability increases when LO lessons are built from LOs like maintainable software systems are built from SOs. We identify facilities required in learning management systems to support object oriented LO lessons that are less predetermined in their sequencing of activities for each student. Our OOSE approach to the design of object oriented LO lessons is independent of, and complementary to, instructional design theory underlying the LO design process, and metadata standards adopted by the IEEE for LO packaging. Our approach produces well structured LOCs with greater reuse potential.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14742/ajet.1342

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