The pedagogical and multimedia designs of learning objects for schools

Margaret Haughey, Bill Muirhead


While much has been written about learning objects, the focus of discussion has been on standards, theoretical principles or post-secondary applications. Little has been published about the issues of the K-12 sector. From the literature, interactivity and scaffolding are the two pedagogical aspects considered crucial to learning object design. In multimedia design, writers have focused on engagement, persistence and success in simulation, gaming, narrative and experiential situations. Using these criteria we examined the pedagogical and multimedia design features in 35 K-10 learning objects produced by The Le@rning Federation. Objects which met the learning and multimedia design criteria had clear objectives, multiple activities, high interactivity, learner choice and an extensive scaffolding interface behind the main design. Research on the use of learning objects by teachers and students is recommended as the next step.

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