The digital video database: A virtual learning community for teacher education

Winnie Wing-mui So, Vincent Hing-keung Hung, Walker Yee-wing Yip


This research started with the design and implementation of an online digital video database, followed by a study of how three student teachers used it in building a virtual learning community that enabled the sharing of teaching practices during their first teaching practicum in the teacher education program. The student teachers made use of teaching practice videos that were edited into 'learning objects' ready for peer evaluation. The peer evaluation was conducted by an online discussion forum among community members, which provided the data for analysis. The findings give insight into how comments and feedback flowed within the learning community, and how the videos in the form of learning objects helped to generate various categories of teaching practices. Finally, a follow up focus group discussion provided useful data regarding the possibilities and limitations of creating a learning community centred on sharing constructed learning objects in an online digital video database.

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