Web based projects enhancing English language and generic skills development for Asian hospitality industry students

Mei-jung Wang


This study investigated hospitality students' responses toward their learning experiences from undertaking group projects based upon a College web platform, the Ubiquitous Hospitality English Learning Platform (U-HELP). Twenty-six students in the Department of Applied Foreign Languages participated in this study. Their attitudes toward the process oriented activity conducted in the platform were investigated through questionnaires and final reports. The findings showed that the subjects held positive views towards web based learning and the interface design of the platform. Moreover, students' responses revealed that the web based projects had the following advantages: (1) enhancing cooperation, (2) improving hospitality knowledge, (3) promoting cognitive skills, and (4) raising computer literacy. However, negative comments were classified as follows: (1) the time consuming nature of group work, (2) preference for traditional paperwork, and (3) problems with using the platform. Based on the findings, some pedagogical suggestions for web based activities are presented.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14742/ajet.1111

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