Preferences for deep-surface learning: A vocational education case study using a multimedia assessment activity

Simon Hamm, Ian Robertson


This research tests the proposition that the integration of a multimedia assessment activity into a Diploma of Events Management program promotes a deep learning approach. Firstly, learners' preferences for deep or surface learning were evaluated using the revised two-factor Study Process Questionnaire. Secondly, after completion of an assessment exercise comprising a multimedia presentation with digital images and oral commentary, the respondents' self-described approaches to learning were collected using semi-structured interviews. Using these two data sets, learners preferred and implemented learning approaches were compared. Results show that whilst the multimedia assessment exercise did not prohibit the adoption of a deep learning approach, it tended to enable the adoption of both deep and surface learning approaches. In addition to informing our understanding of the relationship between deep and surface learning preferences and the implementation of a multimedia assessment item, the data gathered also provide some clues related to the sorts of factors that the respondents considered and how they responded to these factors in their undertaking of the assessment exercise.

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