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Ladbrook, Judine, University of Auckland
Ladyshewsky, Richard K., Curtin University of Technology
Laffey, James M., University of Missouri-Columbia
Lai, Chen-Haw, Multimedia Unversity
Lai, Chin-Yuan, National Taichung University of Science and Technology, Taichung, Taiwan
Lai, Chun, The University of Hong Kong
Lai, Feng-Qi, Indiana State University
Lai, Horng-Ji, National Chi Nan University
Lai, Kwok-Wing, Professor, University of Otago College of Education
Lai, Kwok-Wing, University of Otago
Lai, Linda S.L., Macao Polytechnic Institute
Lai, Ming, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Lai, Pei-Yi, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Lai, Yung-Cheng, Chien Hsin University
Lajoie, Susanne P, McGill University
Lajoie, Susanne P, McGill University (Canada)
Lakkala, Minna, University of Helsinki
Lam, John, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Lam, Joseph Wai-ip, The University of Hong Kong
Lam, Paul, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Lam, Shun Leung, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Lam, Wai Hung, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Lam-Chiang, Audrey Cheausim, Nanyang Technological University
Lambert, Jill, Station Manager, 5UV Adelaide University
Lambert, Matthew C., University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders
Lambert, Sarah, University of Wollongong
Lambert, Sarah R, Deakin University
Lan, Yu-Feng, National Formosa University
Lan, Yu-Ju, National Taiwan Normal University
Lan, Yu-Li
Lang, Catherine, La Trobe University
Lang, Catherine, Swinburne University of Technology
Lang, Quek Choon, Nanyang Technological University
Lange, James C., Golden West Network
Lange, James C., University of Western Australia
Larkin, Helen E., Deakin University
Larkin, Kevin, University of Southern Queensland
LarraƱaga, Mikel, University of the Basque Country
Latchem, Colin R., Western Australian Institute of Technology
Latter, Jennifer, Swinburne University of Technology
Lau, Wilfred Wing Fat, The University of Hong Kong
Lau, Wilfred Wing-Fat, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Lauchs, Mark, Queensland University of Technology
Lauricella, Sharon, University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Laurillard, Diana

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