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Butler, Des, Queensland University of Technology
Butler, Desmond, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Butler, Frederick, York College of Pennsylvania
Butler, Harry, University of Southern Queensland
Butler, Melanie, Mount St Mary's University
Butz, Martin V., University of Tübingen
Byrnes, Rod, Southern Cross University
Bytheway, Allan, Charles Sturt University


Cabrera, Martin, Imperial College London MBA Student
Calvo, Iñaki, University of the Basque Country
Camacho Martí, Mar
Cameron, Leanne, Southern Cross University
Campbell, Adrienne, Deakin University
Campbell, Chris, Learning Futures, Griffith University
Campbell, Chris (Australia)
Campbell, Chris, The University of Notre Dame Australia
Campbell, Chris, The University of Queensland
Campbell, Coral
Campbell, Katy, University of Alberta
Campbell, Katy, University of Alberta (Canada)
Campbell, Shirley, Waitemata District Health Board
Campion, Michael G., Murdoch University
Canedo, Isabel, University of Salamanca
Canyon, Deon V., James Cook University
Capey, Martin, Swansea Metropolitan University
Capper, John M., University of Technology, Sydney
Carbonaro, Mike, University of Alberta
Carbone, Angela, Monash University
Carceller, Charles, School of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Wollongong
Cargill, Julie, University of Glasgow
Carlson, Lauren, Charles Sturt University
Carnegie, Uni, South Australian College of Advanced Education
Carr, David, Charles Sturt University
Carroll, John, Swansea Metropolitan University
Carroll, Julie-Anne, Queensland University of Technology
Cartwright, Victoria, University of Warwick
Carvajal-Trujillo, Elena, University of Huelva
Carvalho, Lucila, Faculty of Education and Social Work The University of Sydney
Carvalho, Lucila, Institute of Education, Massey University (New Zealand)
Carvalho, Lucila, Massey University
Casperson, P., formerly NSW Department of Education
Castelein, Els
Castro, Angela, Deakin University
Catterall, Janice, Student Learning Unit Academic and Research Division University of Western Sydney
Cavallari, Beth, University of Wollongong

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