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Amer, Yousef, University of South Australia
Amory, Alan, University of Johannesburg
Amrhein, Carl G., University of Alberta
Anderson, Alan, University of Newcastle
Anderson, Alan J., Southern Cross University
Anderson, Graham, Education Officer Educational Technology Unit Northern Territory Department of Education
Anderson, Marilyn J., James Cook University
Anderson, Terry, Athabasca University
Anderson, Terry, Athabasca University (Canada)
Andrewartha, Geoff, Deakin University
Andrews, Trish, Central Queensland University
Andrews, Trish, The University of Queensland


Ángel, Christiam


Angus, John, Lecturer, Institute of Early Childhood Studies Newtown Campus
Annand, David, Athabasca University
Ansyari, Muhammad Fauzan, Faculty of Education and Teacher Training, UIN SUSKA Riau, Indonesia
Applebee, Andrelyn C., The University of Sydney
Archambault, Leanna, Arizona State University
Arguel, Amaël, Science of Learning Research Centre Macquarie University
Armatas, Christine, Deakin University
Armitage, Grenville, Swinburne University of Technology
Arruarte, Ana, University of the Basque Country
Ashby, Samantha E, The University of Newcastle
Ashford-Rowe, Kevin, Griffith University
Ashmore, Nathan, University of Sydney
Ashton-Hay, Sally, Southern Cross University
Aslan, Sinem
Atkinson, Doug, Curtin University
Atkinson, Doug, Curtin University of Technology
Atkinson, Roger, AJET Production Editor
Atkinson, Roger (Australia)
Atkinson, Roger, AJET
Atkinson, Roger, AJET Production Editor
Atkinson, Roger, Australasian Journal of Educational Technology
Atkinson, Roger, Murdoch University
Atkinson, Roger, Murdoch University, Western Australia
Atkinson, Roger, rjatkinson@bigpond.com
Atkinson, Roger, The Australasian Journal of Educational Technology
Auld, Glenn, Monash University
Ausburn, Floyd B., Monash University
Ausburn, Lynna J., Frankston College of TAFE
Avouris, Nikolaos, Human-Computer Interaction Group, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Patras
Axelsen, Megan, University of Southern Queensland
Ayub, Ahmad Fauzi Mohd

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