Call for Special Issues


Call for submissions

Special Issue –  Digital Equity


Guest editors

  • Dr. Julie Willems, Monash University,
  • A.Prof. Helen Farley, University of Southern Queensland,
  • Dr. Chris Campbell, Griffith University,

Focus of the special issue

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (United Nations, 2015) seek to redress inequality to global access and participation in education. As universities increasingly move to online programme offerings, access to higher education also encompasses access to the technology and connectivity necessary to access that education. Because of the uneven access to digital technologies and connectivity, educational inequities can persist (Selwyn, 2016). As a consequence, digital equity is considered to be a civil rights issue of the modern era. In the 2018 Horizon Report (Adams Becker, Brown, Dahlstrom, Davis, DePaul, Diaz, & Pomerantz, 2018), ensuring digital equity is recognised as being significantly challenging, impeding the adoption of digital technologies in higher education around the globe. The lack of digital access to technologies may be due to a range of complex factors which may include the lack of technical infrastructure, lack of affordability of technologies, gender bias or lack of digital literacies. This special issue of AJET seeks the contribution of papers that consider, evaluate, or contribute actionable knowledge towards ensuring digital equity.


We invite authors to submit studies, reviews and conceptual articles on topics including, but not exclusive to:

  • Representational issues in digital access and participation in tertiary education (race, gender, ability)
  • Policy and practice barriers to digital access to higher education
  • Incarcerated student participation in digital higher education
  • Digital divides and barriers
  • Accessible and assistive technologies
  • The role of technology in meeting sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  • Digital pedagogies
  • Digital literacy
  • Equitable digital practices

Manuscript Submission Instructions 

  • Manuscripts addressing the special issue’s focus should be submitted through the AJET online manuscript submission system.
  • When submitting your manuscript, please include a note in the field called ‘Comments for the that you wish it to be considered for the ‘Digital Equity’ Special Issue of AJET.
  • Please review the Author Guidelines and Submission Preparation Checklist carefully, and prepare your manuscript accordingly.
  • Information about the peer review process and criteria is also available for your perusal. 

Deadlines for authors 

  • Submission deadline: 21st June 2019
  • Expected decision on manuscripts: 1st August 2019
  • Revised/final manuscripts due: 1st October 2019
  • Expected Publication of Special Issue: December 2019

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Selwyn, N. (2016). Education and technology: Key issues and debates. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

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